Sarah Brightman and Cliff Richard - All I Ask Of You

Written by Keita Haruka, South Africa -
I was still a whelp in high school when I first heard of Sarah Brightman. Our music teacher played "Phantom of the opera" and I was hooked. The very first item I ever bought with money I earned by my own labour was Sarah Brightman's "La Luna". Ooooh, fantastic music!

I grew up listening to her music, and each subsequent album of hers have had songs on it that touched me in one way or another, but none more so that "All I ask of you" by Sarah Brightman and Sir Cliff Richard. I'd just finished university, and came out of my first relationship a bit worse for wear. Having just the previous year admitted to myself I was gay, I don't think I was quite ready for that first relationship.

Anyway...I wasn't actually looking for anyone when I met him, the one who would become my partner. We were both a bit messed up inside and so comforting each other came naturally. We became friends, and one thing led to another, and before we knew it, we discovered that we were in love.

Neither of us wanted that at the time. Neither of us wanted or needed the complications of a relationship but there we were, staring one another in the face.

Like I said, we both had issues, one of which was an inability to really believe we could be loved. Through all the doubt, we kept holding on to each other. At some point, we discovered that we both loved "Phantom of the opera". One day, when I was feeling particularly down on myself, he told me to sit down, and played me this song. As he held me close, he whispered the lyrics to me...and after I recovered from melting into a little puddle right then and there, I whispered along to the second part of the song.

Not long after that, I got to return the favour. He was feeling low, and so I did a quick recording of the song and sent it to him.

It's become "our" affirmation of what we have, and a reminder of what we've been through together, along with a promise to always be there.

It's a powerful reminder when one of us feels unlovable. Plus it's quite a good song in its own right, don't you think?

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