The Flaming Lips - Do You Realize??

Written by Madeleine Andrews, London, UK -
Firstly, I would like to dedicate this selection to my dear friend, Eloise Hazledene, an avid Flaming Lips fan who got me onto this track.

I hadn't heard of The Flaming Lips before, as although I would say I have a varied and rich taste in music I have ended up just listening to quite old songs as I love playing my old vinyl, which is good but means I miss out on a lot of more modern music.

When I first heard this song I loved it straightaway, I love the bounce that carries the tune and adds to the overall euphoric effect. The lyrics are very simple yet effective and moving so they never fail to lift my spirits and every time I listen to it I am reminded of how lucky I am to have met Eloise and how much I value our friendship and hope we will always be friends.

When I am feeling down, or too hyper, I listen to this song and it helps me get my perspective back, planting my feet firmly back on planet Earth whilst transporting my daydreaming head up into the sparkling stars of our beautiful galaxy!

Madeleine lives and works in London where she makes Stained Glass Shields

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