Debbie Harry - Maybe For Sure

Written by Ian, London, UK -
This song always takes me back to the late 80's, I had discovered London's club scene and was discovering myself as a young adult. I revelled in the varied music of the time, where liking or disliking an artist didn't make or break friendships and stared in awe at the new music videos, which for that time were ground-breaking, stunning extravaganzas.

Like many people in their early twenties, I'd had several fledgling relationships. Some good, some bad and one or two 'What the HELL was I thinking!'. I'd been dumped, been the one to break it off and even dated on the rebound, but now I had met someone, someone I thought was special and in time might just possibly be "the one".

After a good first date in the form of a meal to get to know each other, our second date was clubbing in a venue we both knew and each had a number of friends. It was the standard unspoken "if it goes badly neither of us will be on our own feeling awkward but let’s see how it goes in a social environment" type of second date. It started well, our different friends were getting on and there was a good vibe.

Part way through the evening I was guided away from the loud, crowded dance floor to a chill out room for a drink and chat. At this point near disaster loomed. I looked into that beaming, hope filled, and guileless face to be asked "Does this mean we are now in a relationship?" I was taken aback, gabbled that this was only our 2nd date (no 3rd) no 2nd... the smile had vanished, fear and panic taking its place whilst real distress grew... "It's too soon. I've ruined it, haven't I? I've completely ruined it!"... Real tears were starting to well.

Now I knew that this wasn't some neurotic bunny boiler but someone very much like me; just eager for hope to triumph over recent experience, a little too eager perhaps but still... Frantically, I searched for the right words as anguish was obviously building, but every word that came to mind seemed wrong and then I heard it, the opening bars of Maybe For Sure.

Crooking one finger tenderly under trembling chin, I made eye contact and just said "this" pointing to the speaker. We stood frozen for the duration of the song, then there was a thoughful pause before the most beautiful laugh rang out and that dazzling smile returned. "I can do that, I can CERTAINLY do that!" I was assured before being pulled in close for a kiss on the cheek and then setting off arm in arm to find the rest of the group. Disaster averted.

25 years on, I can't honestly say exactly how many months we were together, only that when we did break up it was a mutual decision and completely amicable. To this day whenever I hear Maybe For Sure I remember that laugh and that smile; and silently offer up a big heartfelt Thanks to Debbie Harry!

Written by Ian, London

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