Tina Turner - Private Dancer

Written by Pip Trunk, London, UK -
If I ever want to be transported back to the majesty and might of the Norwegian fjords there is only one soundtrack that can do it.

It might not capture the clarity and freshness of the light, or the dazzlingly high mountains as they soar from the deep blue fjords dwarfing anchored liners. The soundtrack doesn’t provide an insight into the warmth and generosity of the locals or the beauty of the flam railway as it dodges waterfalls on its journey along the Aurlandfjord.

But to a small boy zipping along the precarious roads in the back of his dad’s Toyota Celica the only soundtrack that captures Norway is Tina Turner’s album Private Dancer. The only tape we had with us we played it constantly much to mum’s annoyance. But to me my brother and dad we couldn’t get enough as Tina growled out each song to a visual backdrop of outstanding beauty. I Can’t Stand the Rain being a particularly favorite firmly imprinting on my mind the view from my window as the road tore along the edge of the fjord heading for another tight curve.

I’m sure Norway would prefer an association with a more majestic soundtrack but for me Steel Claw is where it’s at.

Pip Trunk
Trunk Animation

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