Johnny Cash - You Are My Sunshine

Written by Britt Colgan, Illinois -
Throughout the years I've enjoyed many different songs and artist. There's just something so great about finding something new to listen to.

Although I've never been one for favorites I can honestly say when it comes down to it there is one song that is my favorite and has been since I was a child. It's the song I whistle to without even knowing it, and one of the first songs I learned on the piano, You Are My Sunshine. So simple yet it has so much meaning to me.

It always takes me back. Almost like a time stamp and so many memories are linked to it. From singing it as a child in our station wagon with my siblings to humming it to my nephews when I babysat and put them to sleep.

Somehow over the years has become my go to song.

It doesn't really matter who sings it; Johnny Cash, Boxcar Willie, Civil Wars, or even my sister Tabitha. It always manages to put my mind at ease.

Written by Britt Colgan, Peoria Illinois
Britt works for Green Shoe Studio, which offers a wide variety of music genre recording, music videos, short films, and photography.

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