Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

By Lee Washington, London

I've seen Yeah Yeah Yeahs perform on a couple of occasions and am always stunned by how much stage presence Karen O has.  She's mesmerizing.  The last time we went to see them was at Alexandra Palace in London and we were right at the front when they performed MAPS. I love the guitar intro and the way the drums come in, yet it's such a tender song and always brings me out in goose bumps.

The lyrics 'They don't love you like I love you' are so poignant and you can really feel her heartbreak. MAPS stands for 'My darling Angus Please Stay' and is about her boyfriend leaving for a new job. Karen O really expresses her loss and the tears she cries in the music video are real.

I went to the gig with my girlfriend who is also a big fan and the song always reminds me of her and how special she is to me. We've both decided we'd like it played at our wedding.

Lee Washington is a designer based near London

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