Kevin Devine - It's Only Your Life

By Naima Reddick, New York City,

This song is unusual in that it’s almost equals parts uplifting and downtrodden, inspiring and depressing. Each lyric relates to the internal, cyclical struggle of bad habits, self-pity and self-absorption. So many songs speak about breaking out of difficult situations, becoming self-reliant, etc., etc., but few ever really capture the passage of life in such a way. I can listen to this song when I’m content, when I’m heartbroken, when I’m frustrated beyond belief, and yes, when I’ve caught myself in poor decisions and self pity, and the lyrics always ring true.

Even after listening to this song for the past 6 years, I never grow tired of the way that the present world fades while this song plays. It can remind me to not take life for granted, but also that getting caught in bad habits is a part of life, and not to worry too much about my little problems, which I am wont to do. Everyone goes through these struggles and everyone should know that they aren’t alone in them. I suppose that that’s the reason I like this song so much: to me it tells the story of life; whether it be mine or anyone else’s.

Naima works at Gallery Nine5 in New York

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