Harry Gregson Williams - Metal Gear Solid Main Theme

Written by Billy Yuksel, Dundee, Scotland -
I have chosen to write about the main theme of the metal gear solid series; there are a few versions of it including a version by Harry Gregson-Williams, the movie composer and a version by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and of course the original by Konami. To me this game is one of the most important forbearers of modern console storytelling. The game had everything one might expect from a modern game; a 3D environment, a musical score, multiple endings (well two anyway) and cut scenes with full voice acting.

Metal Gear Solid was a game that showed me that video games can be a medium for learning about a whole number of things, including ethics, philosophy and differing points of view. The game had a very rich story and also was interesting in that it promoted non-violent behaviour when dealing with the in game enemies.

I think that the series has always made me consider the story and the potential impacts of my actions, rather than just a brainless play though experience that many other games provide. Many people feel that they educate themselves via reading books, watching TV, documentary’s and films.

Plus, I would certainly say that Metal Gear was an educational experience for me and the music is such an important factor of being drawn into an immersive experience. In film there are a number of themes that can instantly transport fans into the mind-set of the film; an example would be the main James Bond theme or the Star Wars theme.

When I hear the Metal Gear theme I think about the game right away, about how many times I have played it, and how my perspective and understanding of the story has changed with each time I play though one of the games.

I should also note that the general qualities of the soundtracks to all the games in the series are fantastic, the amount of emotion in one particular track, “Old Snake” from Metal Gear Solid 4, is unbelievable.

Bill is currently an undergraduate student at University of Abertay, Dundee

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