Kasabian - Club Foot

Written by Billy Yuksel, Dundee, Scotland -
If there is ever a James Bond film based on football, that section of the opening credits would be perfect with this song.

My first contact with this song was on the credits to Pro Evolution Soccer 5. In many ways this song might not be the most moving lyrically and it’s generally not the type of music I would normally listen to anymore, but I feel like I have a connection with it.

Here is how Pro Evolution Soccer 5 started with this song...

I’m an avid football fan and to this date it is still the last song that will play before turning off my music when on the way to football games - either viewing or playing.  Even when I am watching from home this is still the last song I listen to before the match…

When one considers it’s nearly 10 years since first hearing the song, this is an impressive feat for a song to make such a lasting impression, or rather connection. I suppose many sports fans may have a pre match ritual e.g. a lucky shirt, or in this instance perhaps a particular sequence of events that must happen prior to sport playing and viewing and this is mine.

To me this song signifies football is about to happen, and I struggle to think of anything that could make me more happy then that notion.

Bill is currently an undergraduate student at University of Abertay, Dundee

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